I have worked with Katina on a variety of projects in two different homes. She has impeccable taste, a real sense of style, and can work with a firm budget. She knows what items are worth a splurge, and is very aware that decor should tell a story. Katina listens and guides, but leaves decision making to her clients. She works diligently to ensure all the details are neatly wrapped up. Professionally, Katina is a talented designer, and personally, she is a treasure.

Kate Widner

I have 40 windows in my home and needed a variety of styles to meet the needs of both light filtration and privacy. Katina was able to offer the styles I needed, an economical, quick quote, and the turn around time was very reasonable. I love the quick release on my horizontal sheer shades and the designs on my roller shades look wonderful with the light shining on them! I also have the “ banded shades” which finish my home off with a fresh, clean look. Katina is wonderful to work with!

Diane Massey

Katina definitely brings a lot of energy, ideas and creativity to the table every single day which is fun and contagious. While I often want to play it safe, she pushed the edges of my boundaries so that now we have a space I really love that stands out instead of a blank looking nondescript room. She was also good at listening to what we wanted and needed from the space and taking it to the next level. Her product knowledge of shades, custom work and how things go together helped guide us to make good decisions that worked for our needs. It really was a joy to working with her.

Heather Cannon

I came home, looked around and the place looked great. It was all done for us. We just walked in and enjoyed. I told my wife this was the best money we had spent!

Mark Horton

Katina came with many ideas beyond things I would think of such as wallpaper or paint a wall. Her out of the box thinking helped us take some “junk space” and make it functional. After asking lots of questions, she offered up great solutions that helped pull our family together in this space such as adding game boxes by the table and creating a chalkboard paint backsplash. The game boxes are fun because now the kids come play games in the kitchen while I’m cooking. It helps us all be together.

Allison Salladin

Katina was a partner to think through what was possible in our older home. She got to know our family - what our values were and helped us identify what was really important to us. When it came time to pull the trigger on doing the actual renovation and changes, we knew we could trust her. She helped us get from point A to point B giving fantastic energy to the process. While she is certainly a capable designer, in many ways she is also a mentor, cheerleader, coach who helped us determine what to do in a DIY fashion and what we need to pull in professionals for.

Jeff Salladin