Katina's Story

From childhood to today I have come to value and  love three things

People – Learning – Design

Growing up you could find me wallpapering my playhouse, designing new drapes for the dollhouse or sewing up pillows for my cozy hideaway in my closet.  If you opened our kitchen cabinets, you might have found fabric instead of dishes!  

Fabric, color, textures and design were and still are my love.

I’ve spent over twenty years in the design industry working for a design firm and owning Windows & Beyond, a custom furnishings company.  Additionally, I have spent many  years working in education and leading organizations focused on helping students with various needs learn and grow.  As I’ve walked through life, I’ve begun to see how these careers intersect.  Our environments can facilitate personal growth and meaningful experiences.

My formal education includes a degree in Psychology coupled with additional certifications and training in education and interior design.  The nerd part of me loves learning how and in what environments our unique brains and personalities work best.  The people side of me loves to become a student of my clients, learning who they are, what their needs are and creating spaces where they thrive.

While I love my career, raising my daughters is my most important work.  With a passion for people, family and education, combined with a love for design, I sought to form a new company helping people create spaces where relationships and people are cultivated and inspired.  Ally Lane Interiors was born and therefore named after my two girls, Ally and Lanie.

Our Home

If you were to come to our home, you would walk in and know who lives there.  It’s not a museum of impersonal fine art and furniture to be showcased.  It’s a home, a greenhouse one might say, where people grow and live.  There is art we have created, other art we have purchased because it has meaning to us and pictures of the people and experiences we love.  You would also find custom furnishings designed or restyled just for us as well as games, areas for creativity, sports, hobbies and life everywhere designed in a harmonious joy giving way.  It’s a place that expresses, inspires, restores and functions with systems that help our little family of three distinct chics live life to the fullest.  Don’t get me wrong – all places are a work in progress and so is our home.  At Ally Lane Interiors, we seek to help you create this same type of beautiful, life-giving space that tells, cultivates and inspires your distinct story with the people you do life with.

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