Our Design Agreement

Listen, Observe and Learn Your Style, Story and Needs

We LOVE learning about people, their distinct stories and needs.  Through questionnaires, interviews and focused observation, we will intently learn who you are so we can offer creative solutions to solve your design needs.

Customize a Plan

We will customize a plan to express your story while meeting your practical needs wtihin your budget.

Collaboratively Guide You

We will guide you through the journey to create your personal and meaningful space with a simple and clear plan that engages your input at the level you desire.  We can oversee projects start to finish or give you the ideas to execute yourself.

Save You…

From Living in a NOT “Just Right” Fit Home

We’ll save you from living in a beautiful home that expresses another designer’s style or everyone else’s trendy house, but not your own unique life, style and story.

Time and Frustration

By utilizing our expertise, working with your contractor and using some of our vetted contractors and vendors, we can save you time and frustration.