Services 2

Services Offered

Want ideas or need help with a specific project?

Design by the Hour

$85/ hour

Consult or shopping by the hour 

Min. of $100

Need a plan for a space that you can execute yourself?

Mini Design Plan


15 min. pre-appointment phone consult

60 min. in home consult

Mood/ Design Board; Description of Future Space; Guide with a task list to pull it all together; Product Source List

Need to know sizes and placement of furniture?

Space Plan


ADD ON a space plan to the mini design plan or Sensory Plan

We’ll measure all your furniture and send you two options for furniture arrangement taking into consideration what items are staying and new items to come

Want custom window treatments or furniture made "just right"?

Custom Furnishings

Let’s talk about your project

We’ll develop drawings and an estimate to create custom window treatments, bedding, upholstered furniture, cabinets and more that are made “just right” for you.

Are you busy with life and need us to oversee your project?

Start to Finish Design

Pre -appointment phone consult

In home consult

We’ll put a plan together from start to finish.  We work with your contractors and have a few of our own as well.  

Need help creating spaces for those with ADHD, anxiety, & other challenges?

Sensory Design Plan


15 min. pre-appointment phone consult

60 min. in home consult

I will review any information you have, ask questions, audit your space and give you a report with details on what elements to keep, get rid of and new elements I suggest you add to create spaces where those with challenges thrive