Meaningful Spaces Speaker or Workshop

Do you have a group that would love to be inspired and resourced to create their own meaningful interiors?

Invite Katina to help your group re-think how to decorate their homes with a vision to cultivate the people within.  

“Katina is an exceptional speaker. She has spoken many times for our organization leaving the various audiences mesmerized and challenged. Katina and I have spoken at conferences together and again, the audience responds in the same way. Her messages will excite, equip, encourage and empower. She relates to every day challenges and complex issues in simple creative ways. You will be profoundly blessed by having Katina as a speaker for your organization.”
Jody Capehart, International Speaker & Author

Come join me and gain five principles along with many strategies and practical tips on how to turn your home into a meaningful space that expresses the individual personality of your family, inspires and restores you while cultivating the relationships within.  I believe homes should be greenhouses where families grow and thrive.  The interior design features you select for your space can facilitate this purpose.  We will discuss how color, furniture arrangement, interactive walls, connection spaces and more can be utilized to create stylish homes that evoke meaningful experiences where memories are made, minds are engaged and souls are shaped.  

Participants will:

  • Define their family values that drive their interior selections
  • Determine design guidelines specific to their personalities and those of family members 
  • Gain specific design ideas to utilize in their homes to facilitate these values

We offer various training opportunities from thirty minute talks to inspire participants to half day workshops where participants leave with a mini design plan ready to go home and begin implementing.  We can work together to create the right experience for your audience.

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Contact us and we’ll work together to customize a workshop ensuring your group gains inspiration and a plan to start creating their meaningful spaces.

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