My Library

The Story of My Library

I love to start my days in my library with a journal in hand sitting in my favorite chair.  Throughout the years, this has become my favorite place to retreat to surrounded by my favorite books.  Recently, I remodeled my library to become an inspiring place that told my story and reminded me of truths while inspiring me to push forward to greater things.  Let’s take a look at a few of it’s features:




Remodeled Life

Remodeled Library

My life got a “remodel” shall we say not too long ago.  After twenty years of marriage, two children, a dog, house and working part time I became a single mom with lots of life change.  After all of the paperwork was finalized and I began to try to pick up the pieces and start a new life, I needed a place to inspire me.  My library … full of my favorite books…. 

So I remodeled my library to reflect my remodeled life and to inspire me to keep pressing forward.  It has always been my place to retreat to – the calm amongst many storms.  Now it would be even more.  Let’s take a look at key features of the library that tell and inpsire my story.

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